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Somnio Running shoes, pls be mine!

It's been a year since I started running and I really enjoyed it a lot. I lost a lot of weight after starting this sport and I gained a lot of friends who had helped me to improve on my running.

I've been using my Fila trainer shoes for 5k runs during weekdays and my sister's running shoes whenever I decided to join some fun runs here and there. As much as I want to use my own running shoes on running competitions, my sister's old Nike running shoes are much more comfortable, it's not suitable for a flat-footed runner like me. and My trainer shoes hurts like hell whenever I run. (And I just had an twisted ankle after using my trainers yesterday.)

I think I deserve to have a new pair of running shoes from Somnio Running Shoes Blogger Contest for I don't wanna borrow my sister's old running shoes on my future running sprees. I would also love to have a new pair of shoes to prevent injuries and to be more comfortable on my running. (and I think mas magmumukha akong sexy pag bago ang running shoes ko wahahaha! =D)

Oh how I wish I could have these gorgeous pair of Somnio Mission Control running shoes from soon... :D

Somnio Mission Control running shoes, pls be mine! <3

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